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During the 2009-2010 academic year MACRO launched MACROSCUOLA in association with the prestigious Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice and their A scuola di Guggenheim project.

The initiative proposes to redefine the relationship between the museum and the schools in the surrounding area. We at MACRO hope to create a dialogue between teachers and the major players in the world of contemporary art. By bringing teachers and students into the museum, we hope to demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of art and cultivate an understanding of art’s relevancy across academic fields. Meanwhile, we hope to instil an appreciation for the visual arts and the multitude of artistic languages that exist.

We would like to expose students to a new type of artistic language, teaching them to interact with the new ideas of the contemporary art world and become comfortable thinking in more dynamic way. MACROscuola aims to make the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma the site where this type of enriching, interdisciplinary experience can come to pass.

Teacher experience
Teachers are invited to attend three-days introductory seminars where our staff will inquire as to the classroom dynamic, what the teacher hopes to get out of the experience, what the teacher is currently working on. The teacher will then be able to meet with our director and the artists in order to learn about the exhibitions and how they might be incorporated into a classroom environment. At the end of this introduction, teachers are given the opportunity to register for the program that they feel best fits into their curriculum. Our staff will then tailor the program to correspond more closely with the teacher’s aims. Even after the visit, MACRO will offer continued support to the teacher for the duration of the academic year.

Student experience
MACROSCUOLA is designed around the exhibitions that are on view at the museum during the particular season, as well as the curriculum submitted by the teacher. Our staff creates integrated and dynamic lessons that afford students the opportunity to interact with art as it happens, as well as teaching them about the art itself and the specific academic goals set out by the teacher. Students will speak with the artist, can see the works up close, and then experiment on their own. By incorporating the new ideas they have learned with their own previously held conceptions students have the opportunity to create something fresh and new. In this way, the students themselves mimic the process of participating in the world of contemporary art.

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