MACRO Testaccio

MACRO Testaccio trova sede nel complesso ottocentesco dell’ex-Mattatoio, in un’area della città che in questi ultimi anni sempre più si è caratterizzata per la ricchezza di manifestazioni culturali ed eventi artistici rivolti in particolare ad un pubblico giovane

Gli originari padiglioni che caratterizzano l’intero complesso architettonico, costruiti fra 1888 e 1891 da Gioacchino Ersoch, testimoniano il passaggio dal classicismo alla modernità e costituiscono un importante esempio storico dell’architettura industriale monumentale e razionale della fine del secolo diciannovesimo. Il Mattatoio è considerato uno fra i più importanti edifici industriali della città per la modernità e originalità delle sue strutture.

MACRO Testaccio is located in the same complex that was a slaughterhouse during the 19th century, in a neighbourhood that has begun, in recent years, to stand out for the richness and variety of its cultural and artistic events, mainly targeted to young people.

The original buildings, that characterise the whole architectural complex, built by Gioacchino Ersoch between 1888 and 1891, bear witness to the transition from Classic to modern architecture and provide a significant historical example of late 19th century industrial, monumental and rational architecture. The combination of modern and original structures lead the Slaughterhouse to be considered as one of Rome’s most important industrial buildings, as well one of the more interesting examples of “industrial archaeology” survived until today.

In 2002, two buildings inside the Slaughterhouse complex - which has a total surface area of 105,000 m2, including a covered area of some 43,000 m2 - were assigned to MACRO specifically to encourage and disseminate interest and appreciation for contemporary art. In 2003 it is realized the MACRO Future (today MACRO Testaccio): art exhibitions take place as a regular feature in one of the two buildings, whilst the second building has been fully functioning only since 2007. In line with the dynamic character of the neighbourhood and the massive presence of young people during the evenings, MACRO Testaccio opens from 4.00 pm to 10.00 pm every day, except on Mondays. Thanks to the size and to the particular way in which space is distributed in this complex, it is particularly suitable as a venue to show important national and international artistic works that represent the modern visual art and the fusion of different languages. MACRO and MACRO Testaccio are ready to become the face of a multi-faceted cultural centre in which the very best artistic expressions of contemporary art, both Italian and international will be able to establish themselves in an increasingly determined manner. 

Technical data on buildings A & B
 Length: 62.56 m
 Width: 16.5 m
 Height (centre of roof): 13 m
 Height (sides): 9 m
 Surface area of each pavilion: 1.036 m2