All'interno della realtà culturale capitolina, il MACRO – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Roma è riuscito nel tempo a crearsi una specifica e autonoma fisionomia nazionale, con aspirazione all'internazionalità. MACRO, museo del sistema Musei in Comune della Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali, è ormai considerato un punto di riferimento dell’arte contemporanea pubblica a Roma al quale gli operatori del settore, ma anche il grande pubblico, si rivolgono per le loro proposte di mostre ed eventi o per la semplice raccolta di informazioni aggiornate. Il MACRO è un centro per l’arte contemporanea che intende diventare sempre più polivalente, conservando la propria identità cittadina e rafforzando il coinvolgimento e il rapporto con la comunità, in tutti i suoi settori artistici, culturali e intellettuali.


Within the Capitoline cultural reality, the MACRO - Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Roma -  has managed over time to create a specific and independent national physiognomy, with an international aim . MACRO, one of the Rome Civic Museums, is now considered a focus of public contemporary art in Rome, to which the workers in the field, but also the general public, turn to propose exhibitions and events or for the simple collection of updated information. MACRO is a center for contemporary art that intends to become more versatile, maintaining its civic identity and reinforcing the participation and relationship with the community, in all its artistic, cultural and intellectual fields.


With the aim to realize a new and more fruitful relationship with Rome - with its artistic community and its citizens -  in the new program of the MACRO are involved different generations of Roman artists, who have distinguished themselves for the quality of their work, thus to be worth considering by the Institutions. From the masters of the second half of the 20th  Century to the artists stood out in the Nineties, until the last generations of the Street Art. The locations of the MACRO - in Via Nizza and at Testaccio district - are a special starting point to work on creating a bridge between the city center and the suburbs, through contemporary art. The importance to "repair" with the suburbs involves even the collaboration with already existing realities, such as associations, foundations, spontaneous museums , which animate the neighborhoods less involved in the cultural life of the city.


In the exhibition rooms of MACRO Via Nizza, as well as in those of MACRO Testaccio, are realised some exhibitions of foreign artists who have a special relationship with Rome. Artists attending the many foreign academies in the city, artists who live or have lived in Rome and can elevating the cultural overview of the city with their proposals.
 Through the participation in the initiatives of MACRO, the people - citizens and visitors - can discover a window to the world, open to cultural trends and main protagonists. But the public can also see artworks by international artists who have looked to Rome as the nerve center of the culture of the twentieth century and this century.


The MACRO increases the value of his collection through a series of thematic exhibitions and exchanges with other museums, with a particular attention to the Sovrintendenza Capitolina and its new system of Modern and Contemporary Art Museums.

The artworks in the collection are displayed in a defined and permanent space, called “Sale Collezione”, within the historic wing of the MACRO in Via Nizza. In this way it is possible to redesign the identity of the museum as a place of consideration and memory preservation towards the future, with special attention to the possibility to elevate the collection with donations and / or extended loans by artists and private collectors.

The public is invited to take part in online activities and in many events in the museum: from conferences about the History of Contemporary Art to the meetings with artists and workers in the field on multilingualism of XX and XXI century Art, through the analysis and comparison between different techniques, styles and languages - from cinema to photography, from videoart to theater, until dance and performance. From painting to sculpture, from graphic to street art, in the single conferences will also be showed passages of original tv interviews to the artists. MACRO organizes books launches, lectures and showings in order to offer to the city a varied and continuous program of events that aims to increase the public to all categories and generations, including the 2.0 ones. All activities are accompanied by an intensive educational program for schools and adult groups, with labs, workshops with artists and activities for analyze the themes proposed in every exhibition.